Website Usage Terms and Conditions


This website is the property of Grounded 7 Ltd. (The “Company”) and is powered by an operator on its behalf.


In addition to the rules and conditions described on the website usage terms and conditions list, and in the membership policy list, the following rules, referring to booking through the website, will apply and are hereby outlined in these guidelines.

If at any point arguments or disagreements with these terms and conditions, the website regulations or the membership policies arise; proof will be made in Israel, by the Israeli law and at a certified court in Tel-Aviv City, alone.


1.    The website offers packages that combine tickets to music-related events and hotel vacation packages and other products.

2.    The accommodation services will be under the hotel’s responsibility alone. The website and the company will not be accountable for the operation of the hotel and its hosting services (i.e. catering, accommodation etc.). Any allegation made by the user concerning faults to do with the accommodation services will not be held against the company, but by the hotel alone.

3.    The booking of packages (The “Package”) via the website, which may include the filling of electronic forms, making orders or any other action offered by the website, constitutes the user’s agreement to all terms and conditions applied without restriction or hesitancy. No accusations or allegations will be held against the website and/or the company and/or operator and/or the owner and/or the management and/or any people on the company’s behalf (The “Company’s associates”). These terms and conditions apply to usage through any communication device (i.e. computer, cellphone, smartphone, tablet etc.). 

4.    The company will not be responsible for any content made by a third-party that may appear on the website (ex. advertisements). Therefore, no accusations or allegations will be held against the company concerning third-party activity.

5.    The company will not be responsible of any damage (i.e. failure, delay etc.) that may occur during the usage of the website. The usage may include the attempt to use the booking services and/or the information services etc. Therefore, no accusations or allegations will be held against the company and/or the company’s associates concerning any of the mentioned above.

6.    The number of tickets is limited and booking is based on the up-to-date space availability.

7.    The company is entitled to change any of the terms and conditions regarding reservations and/or bookings. In addition, the company is entitled to change the prices presented on the website. These are subject to change without notice, from time to time in the company’s sole discretion.

8.    These terms and conditions, or any other given policies and/or regulations and/or services (i.e. booking options, order placements etc.) are subject to change without notice, from time to time in the company’s sole discretion. Any changes made will be valid on the day published and the user will be required to undertake these changes unless otherwise stated.

9.    Prices are published in Israeli currency, NIS (“New Israeli Shekel”) and include VAT as required by law.

10.  The company or any of the company’s associates will not be held responsible for the website server’s operation including that the server will be virus-free and/or any other component that may cause harm to the user’s device used at the time and/or delayed data due to overload on the communication line and/or any error caused by failure of the communication line and/or the hardware and/or software and/or any other error. Therefore, no accusations or allegations will be held against the company and/or the company’s associates concerning any of the mentioned above.

11.  The company will not be responsible for any illegal activity which may take place on the website or by the website users. In addition, the company will not be responsible for any activity that is out of the company’s control.


User Responsibility


12.  The consumer and/or any other user of the website (The “Consumer” or the “User”) are entitled to use this site only for booking and purchasing and/or receiving information from the company.

13.  The user hereby represents and warrants that it is aware of the terms and conditions for the use of the website and the membership policies and agrees to follow them. The website usage terms and conditions and the membership policies are available for review at any time and can be reviewed at the company offices by appointment.

14.  The user hereby declares that he knows that the use of the website involves many risks due to the technology involved and because of human factors through the internet.

15.  The services offered through the website are subject to the completion of the registration procedure, which the user will be required, among other things, to approve the agreement to the terms and conditions of use, membership and of these terms and conditions as well as to provide identifying information about him.

16.  The user interested in receiving the services through the website will be required to provide details as requested in the registration form on the website (the “Purchase details”).

17.  The user interested in receiving the services through the website in order to book a vacation will do so through the “Booking system” service on the website. The system will allow the user to choose the service requested and/or the specific hotel and will require the user to enter all details required for the booking.

18.  The user may make purchases on the website, subject to the conditions specified below:

1)    The user is entitled to make legally binding actions;

2)    The user is, at least, 18 years of age;

3)    The user owns a valid Email address and account;

4)    The user owns a valid credit card, issued in Israel or elsewhere by one of the following credit card companies: Visa Cal, Visa Alpha Diners Club, American Express, Isracard and Mastercard;

5)    The user owns a valid Israeli ID certificate or a valid passport;

6)    The user has fulfilled all required fields appearing on the order form, on the website.

7)    In the case of booking a vacation in any one of the hotels through the website and/or ordering a product and/or purchasing a service, the user’s contact details (i.e. name, address, email address, place of residence, ID number or passport number, credit card information and phone number) are required in order to complete the booking process.


19.  Without limiting the given above, the company and the website operator will be allowed to prevent a user from using the website and carrying out an order, temporarily or permanently under the following circumstances:
1)    In the case of which the website operator and/or the company believes the information given from the user during registration is intentionally false. It is hereby declared that entering false purchase details is a criminal offense and that the company and/or operator of the website will be entitled to use all means available to them under the law against serving false registration information; including legal recourse for damage likely to be caused to the website, the company and/or the operator of the website and/or anyone on their behalf.

2)    In the case of which the website operator and/or the company believes the user performed and act and/or omission that brought damage and/or harm to the website’s operation and/or to the company and/or to third-parties active on the website.

3)    In the case of which the website operator and/or the company believes the user made illegal use of the website and/or used the services to carry out an illegal act and/or to enable, facilitate, assist and/or encourage such an act.

4)    In the case of which the website operator and/or the company believes the user violated these terms and conditions and/or any additional agreement with the website operator and/or the company and/or anyone on their behalf.

5)    The credit card owned by the user has been blocked or restricted in any way.
20.  It is clarified that the user is an individual user who wants to book a vacation and/or order a service or product from the website for private use and not to re-sell the package or product offered and/or the services offered on group sales and/or wholesale and/or mass sale. Usage of the website for non-personal interests will entitle the company and/or the website operator to take all measures available to them under the law against the group sale operation detailed above.

21.  The user is aware that all the information, data and documents provided to the company and/or to the company’s associates which may include the user’s personal details that were given at registration and exist in the database are subject to the “Protection of Privacy act” of 1981 (respectively, the “Database” and the “Protection of Privacy act”). The user hereby declares that all details provided by him were given voluntarily and in full accord, without a legal obligation to do so.

22.  The user is aware that the information provided by him, as stated above, can be entered into an additional database held by the company (if holding) that may be used for direct email services. The provided data can be used by the company and/or the company’s associates, subject to the provisions of law and the protection of privacy.



Booking and purchasing


23.  Booking through the website’s “Booking system” will be complete only after the user received a message confirming the order in every detail and including the order number (the “Reference”). The user must print the reference out in order to use the rights and present it to the representatives of the company and/or receptionist when arriving at the event and/or to the hotel.

24.  The company will not be held responsible for any kind or type of situations in which, directly or indirectly, the details of the booking were not accepted by the system and/or absorbed partially and/or any technical problem and/or any other problem that prevents the user to purchase the services through the website.

25.  The company and/or the website operator and/or any of the company’s associates and/or anyone on their behalf will not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for errors made whilst typing the details of the purchase by a user. Errors of which may include but are not limited to a wrong choice of package or service or product, date, number of beds, meals and any other service ordered by the user through the website. Therefore, the user hereby declares that it shall have no claim and/or demand against the detailed above. 

26.  The company is entitled to reject a booking request for any reason, at its sole discretion and without having to explain its decision. Therefore, the user will not have any claim and/or demand against the company regarding the detailed above.

27.  The filling in of credit card details for billing orders constitutes the user’s approval for immediate full payment for the booking, unless the user chose to make a payment transaction.

28.  The company will not use any form of the user’s payment information, but to make a payment for a purchase that the user requested to carry out.

29.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, the company may transfer the user’s payment information to a third-party if the user performed an act or omission that could harm the company and/or any third-party and/or the user has used the company’s services in order to perform an illegal act and/or the company received a court order instructing it to transfer user information to third-parties under any dispute or legal proceedings.

30.  The user will present the credit card, with which the user made the payment for the booking, at the hotel on arrival.

31.  VAT is added to the order amount as required by law.

32.  The user will be entitled to pay for the purchase on the website in one payment or in credit installments. The maximum number of payments is 6 credit payments.


Cancellation by the user policy


33.  Once the user has booked through the website’s booking system in accordance to the terms and conditions and after the user has received a confirmation message and reference, the user has sent a cancellation of an order in the form of a written request to the company by using the website (the “Cancellation”).

34.  If the user requested to cancel the purchase, in accordance with the detailed above, this will be recorded by the date in which it arrived to the company’s offices (by fax, email etc.). If the day of the arrival of the user’s request for cancellation is a non-working day in Israel, the change will be considered on the first working day following.

35.  A written request for the purpose of cancellation of these terms and conditions will be considered by the company by a registered letter or fax or email or written authorization by a company representative.

36.  Bookings made through the website are considered a remote sales transaction as defined in the Consumer Protection act of 1981 and the regulations declared thereunder (the “Law”).

37.  In the case of cancellation of an order within 14 days of confirmation (the day of the receipt of the reference), and only if 7 or more business days are left until the date of the service, the company (or anyone on its behalf) will collect a cancellation fee of 100 NIS or 5% of the total value, as stated by the consumer protection act, using the credit card information provided by the user.

38.  In the case of failure to reach the hotel on the date set according to the consumer’s order, the company (or anyone on its behalf) will collect the order from the consumer using the credit card information provided by the user. The company will collect a cancellation fee of 100% of the total order value.

Cancellation by the company policy


39.  The company reserves the right to terminate the sale on the website, at any time and at its sole discretion in any of the following cases:

1)    If it turns out the website is carrying out illegal activities.

2)    If a communication error has occurred and/or a technical glitch that prevented or could prevent a certain request.

3)    In the case of force majeure, acts of war, terrorism or hostilities which prevent the company of continuation of the sales, implementation, participation.

4)    In the case of an error in the description of services, booking conditions and/or in the case of sale data entry error and/or user data entry error the company may cancel the specific purchase.

5)    In the case of a committed breach of these terms and conditions.

6)    Notice of cancellation or termination shall be given to the user and/or consumer, and the company will refrain from charging the user’s credit card and would return any amount paid for the purchased vacation, as was paid.


The ordering of products and services from other businesses


40.  The website provides links (the “Links”) to other websites (the “Linked websites”). These links are designed for user comfort and for that purpose only. The company is not responsible for the links and/or the linked websites and/or the information provided there-in and/or the validity and/or the accuracy and/or the legality. Any use and/or of links and/or the linked websites are the sole responsibility of the user.

41.  In particular, if the website will advise clients on a contract with a service provider by posting a link of an airline’s website, in order for him to purchase airplane tickets, or otherwise, it is clear to the user that the use of the reservation system of the airlines is not part of the website and the company is not responsible for it and all responsibility is of the companies operating them and/or the user’s.

42.  There is no guarantee regarding the price of the airplane ticket or tickets and/or availability in the company’s posting of a recommendation or any link.

43.  It is clarified that the flights are performed by scheduled airlines and the execution is subject to conditions published by the airlines and/or directors of civil aviation. The company and/or anyone on its behalf holds no responsibility in connection with the flights carried out by airline companies which may include flight times, delays, meals and baggage, all of which are the sole responsibility of the airline. It is clarified that the company does not respond to any request and/or claim, including reimbursement of payment or compensation for any damage and/or loss and/or expense and/or distress caused to users by providing services which are the responsibilities of airlines.

44.  Airlines are allowed to charge extra fees for meals, overweight, including hand baggage at a rate determined by them and in their sole discretion. In such a case, the company will not be held responsible for any of the detailed above and the user may settle the matter with the airlines in this regard.


For contact and more information:


Phone: +972 3 7393637

Fax: +972 3 7393637
Address: P.O box 27122 Tel Aviv 6127101

Website Terms of Use

Dear customers,

The use of our website is subject to the conditions specified in this chapter. We encourage you review the following, as all use and activity on the website constitutes your agreement to the terms of use without limit or hesitancy. The use of the website is subject to all the provisions of the law.
Each image or imagery displayed on the website is for illustrative purposes only. We are making great efforts for the information to be current and accurate, but errors do happen, and it may be that the information may not be complete or inaccurate. 

1.    Website Management

We are working constantly on developing and improving the service and therefore, any changes made to the service can be done by us without prior notice. We will put all our effort to update our customers through the website regarding any changes in our service as soon as possible.
The website is available for your use in its current state. We maintain our right to change and update the information from time to time, in any way, including changes in the content and/or design and any other change. This, without prior notice. Changes may include blocking certain places, restricting access, removal and blocking of parts of the website and even the closing of the entire website. In this case, users shall have no claim against the company regarding such changes.
At times, for reasons beyond our control, breaks in our service may occur. This could affect the quality of our service. We apologize in advance for if such disturbances occur, and we promise we will try our best to avoid them.
However, we shall not be held responsible for difficulties or interruptions in our operations such as these. 
The use of the website and of the information in it through any terminal equipment is at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any damage of any kind (i.e software, hardware, smartphone etc.) that may be linked with the use of the website and/or its contents. We maintain the right to refuse access to the website or any part of it to any user, at our sole discretion and without an explanation or warning.

2.    User Responsibility

The use of the website is subject to the terms of use stated in the following chapter. By using the website, the user gives consent to the rules of these terms of use in their entirety, as well as the commitment to act in accordance with the law.
Without limitation, the user agrees to refrain from the following, when using the website:
All actions which are illegal or contrary to the law such as the use of this website under a false identity, or identifying as another person or using the privacy and property of the other. Moreover, commercial use or use for profit or any campaign for purposes or surveys, obtaining statistical data, replication, duplication or reproduction of content from the website including the design and technologies unique to it. The making of changes and damage by sending harmful files (viruses) or the using of software that might do harm or damage the website and the use of it and including by way of change, the falsification or deletion of information and making commercial use (i.e sales, rental, distribution etc.) of content and designs available on the website.
A user who will use the site contrary to the terms of use or in violation of the law shall be solely responsible for his actions, including cases of any direct and/or indirect harm caused to the website, it’s representatives of any active third-party.
Without prejudice to any other rights, the user agrees explicitly that if for any reason, if the user is  using  the site in violation of terms of use or law, we may trace the use of suspect and transfer the information associated with it to third parties, and take all reasonable action to prevent infringing activity. This also applies to protect the property, reputation and rights of the website’s owners. In this case and in other cases, we may immediately stop the user’s access to the website. A user who will use this website in contrary to these articles or against the law, will be banned from the website and this without any prior notice whatsoever.
In addition, the violation of rules can lead to various legal proceedings made by the company and by any other certified authority. The user will be responsible for any damage and any consequence caused by the breach of these usage rules and regulations of this law.
The user undertakes to reimburse the owners of the website immediately for all their damages and expenses, including damages for loss of earnings and
expenses upon their demand.

3.    Disclaimer

The use of the website is at the user’s responsibility.The website owners are not responsible for any damages resulting from the use of the website for any reason whatsoever, including due to computer malfunctions or software applications to the user’s computer, equipment or any other property. The website owners and their employees and their business entities that provide services are not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential damages for any user or any third party. The user is aware of the existing limitations of the Internet regarding network and information security, therefore releasing the company from any liability in connection with the discovered faults or breaches of security, if any.

4.    Privacy and Databases

Providing information and other data about the user through the contect boxes on the website constitutes acceptance by the user to make any use of this data for the provision of services and other similar services in the future, including data gathering and retention. This information may be disclosed to a third party, upon request and in accordance with any law or by any authority and in the case of legal action taken against the owners of the website. Providing personal information and other data, as mentioned above, constitutes consent to be included in the databases of the website, should he choose to run these inventories. The databases are used by the website owners to market and offer various projects, at their discretion, without any further consent of the user. In addition to the above, the user agrees thet this information will be used by the company for purposes of statistical analysis, data mining’s needs, identifying trends and for commercial purposes such as these.

5.    Copyrights

The copyrights, the intellectual property, the design, the computer code, the photographs, the logo , the pictures and other information of any kind on the website are the private property of the website owners or third parties which have permitted to publish the information on the website is the subject of copyright.
Users undertake not to publish, distribute, copy, transmit, display, reproduce, make any commercial use,  modify, distort or harm the information contained on the website or any part thereof without the written consent from the owners of the website to use it and not to make any use of this information or parts of it contrary to the copyright laws and international conventions relating to copyright laws.
Such an agreement, if granted, can and will be conditional upon the conditions and all the sole discretion of the website owner. No use of trademarks appearing on the website is permitted, for they are private property, including making copies of them for any purpose without a written consent from the site owner.

6.    Order Cancellation

Cancellation will be possible in accordance with the consumer protection and the consumer protection act of 1981.

7.    General

The term “use of website” is aimed to anyone watching or using the website in any way including the information contained therein. The website is entitled to assign its rights under these terms of use to any third party as it see fit, without being obligated to publish such assignment as mentioned, anywhere. The terms and the website is subject to the laws of Israel only. Exclusive jurisdiction will be made in a certified court in Tel Aviv. This will determine if any part of the Terms of Use is invalid or unenforceable. This shall not affect the validity of the remaining terms of these regulations.

“Grounded” club members Terms of Use

These terms of use will specify rules set on the members club (the “Club”) by GROUNDED LTD (the “Company”). club members will confirm their agreement to the rules and declare  they intend to operate by them.

The company maintains the right to determine the terms of use and change them from time to time in connection with the club.The company may update the Terms of Use from time to time. From the date of change, all club members are required to adapt to the new version of the Terms of Use.
A binding version of these Terms of Use will be published on the company’s website and a copy will also be located at the company’s offices. 
In  case of argument and/or conflict between the given in these Terms of Use and any other information published and/or provided by the company and/or anyone on its behalf, in connection with the club and/or its members and so forth, the rules here will  increase.
Membership rules

  1. Club members will be individuals who filed a membership application form,  throughout the website, or individuals who requested to purchase  a ticket to one of the company’s events.
  2.  In general, the age of club members will  be  28 years of age or older. Men and women whom are  at least 24 years old who consider themselves injured from this rule can  apply  a request for approval of an exception and the company will be considere the request , at it’s discretion.
  3.  The club membership is not transferable, and can not be assigned  to another person. club membership is for personal use alone.
  4. Only members are eligible to purchase tickets and enjoy all gifts or other benefits offered by the company  to club members.
  5. The Company maintains the right to refuse the registration of a person as a member of the club, or refuse to renew the registration for any reason and in its sole discretion. The company maintains the right  deny membership requests for any reason. For example, the company is entitled to reject the request in order to maintain a constant ratio between man and woman, or to limit the number of members in the club, and so on.
  6. Club membership is approved after filling a form of request to join the club, either manually or via the website, which will include details of the applicant as follows: First and last name, gender, date of birth, mobile phone number, email address, Facebook username, and any other which will be requested as part of the application. In addition, an application for membership will include reference to whether the petitioner signed a similar request in the past, and will provide an acceptance of mailings on behalf of the club through various means, including, but not limited to, e-mail, SMS text messaging, WHATSAPP messaging, Facebook messages and posts and publications through other social networks. The application shall be signed by a member of the club..
  7. All information provided in an application by a member of the club must be accurate and complete. A club member shall not give false information or another person’s details. Club members shall ensure that the data provided in the application is correct and complete and will notify the company of any change in its details.
  8. Club Membership begins with a  written approval   from the company.. Such approval can be sent via SMS and/or WHATSAPP and/or Facebook message and/or email all at the discretion of the company.
  9. In joining the club, all club members  consent to include their personal information in the company’s  database . Subject to these Terms of Use, the personal information of a member can be used by the company and/or its representatives to contact club members, delivering messages, sending email and offer various proposals. Any information delivered by a member of the club to the company will be to the company’s use and there shall not be any claim in respect of the use of such information, including the claim in accordance with the Privacy Protection Act of 1981.
  10. The signature of a member at the club registration form will constitute consent, as required, under the provisions of Article 30(b) of the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasting) of Israeli law, 1982.
  11. The company will see any use which is contrary to these policies grounds for cancellation of membership of a club member. Cancellation of the member confiscates any right arising from the membership, including the rights and benefits accrued prior to membership cancelation. The Company maintains the right to terminate club membership and for any reason whatsoever and without any prior warning or notice.
  12. club member hereby declares that any malfunction and/or disruption and/or interruption and/or any other event that is not controlled by the company shall not be considered as a violation of the provisions of these Terms of Use and the member shall not ask for relief and/or cure and/or compensation for such cases. 
  13. a members signature on a request for club membership , a member confirms his acceptance  to this rules and creates a binding agreement between the parties.
  14. These Terms of Use and any other legal grounds arising from it, including the validity and interpretation of the provisions, shall be subject to Israeli law and exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising from the implementation of these Terms of Use shall be subject to the certified courts in Tel-Aviv City.

Members code of Ethics

Members accept the club’s code of ethics and hereby commit themselves to follow the rules of conduct at company events and productions, including:

  1. To  comply with the law and regulations applicable to the company’s existing areas of events, whether in Israel or anywhere else.
  2. To obey safety rules and to refrain from any action that is inconsistent with the safety rules determined by the company and  its employees  and/or by representatives acting on its behalf or in behalf, including members of  security companies, hotel teams, etc. , or prescribed by authorities or  certified bodies  such as the Israel Police, Firefighters, Magen David Adom, the Coast Guard, rescue services, the Israel Electric Corporation, Israel nature and Parks Authority, representatives of municipalities and municipal inspectors and others. Also, club members agree to obey safety rules on behalf of the company at events locations and roads leading to it  including ushers, security guards, production representatives and other professionals.
  3. To act responsibly and inform an official  about the existence of any hazard, danger or any breach of the safety rules stated in the previous section, as soon as posible.
  4. To act in dignity and patience with any person, including other club members, artists, service providers, casual visitors, passersby, production staff and employees of the partnership for production,  including  airlines, hotels, corporate transportation, production companies, and all related factor, either directly or indirectly.
  5. To strive to resolve disputes of any kind in a peaceful manner , and  notify a company’s representative immediately of the existence of such a conflict in order to cooperate  and resolve all  dispute., Club members agree to maintain the use of violence, whether physically and verbally,.
  6. To maintain the safety and integrity of any animal or plant beings and avoid unnecessary harm to them.
  7. To protect the environment and cleanliness and avoid creating nuisance dirt and debris.
  8. To protect neighbors welfare and avoid hazard creation that might  hurt them and their resting, such as noise and other nuisances.
  9. To act carefully and do not make unnecessary and/or negligent use of an appliance, device, tool, equipment, site infrastructure including site for company productions, including beaches, clubs, halls, hotels, cars, transportation, restaurants and any other facility contained therein and report any damage caused by unreasonable use of the facility or said device.
  10. To not transfer and/or assign and/or trade and/or give away the rights under club membership, including the right to buy tickets and attend events organized by the company.