Try to picture a combination of mountainous desert landscapes, a breathtaking gorgeous bay and the sun as it begins to rise, accompanied by the best soundtrack possible. Can you feel it ?

As an oasis on the shores of the Red Sea, Eilat provides its visitors with a spectacular combination of the above landscapes and the summer sun that shines all through the year. Without a doubt, this is one of the most exclusive vacation destinations in the world. Combine all of this with the perfect electronic music lineup and you got yourself the vacation festival of your dreams.

We realize that one of the most important things in a festival like Grounded is the location. We made sure it will be both beautiful and comfortable, both breathtaking and accessible. Actually accessibility is the key-word, since our party events will be held at a beautifully designed private beach, just a short walking distance from our hotels. In addition to hosting the festival’s party events, the beach compound also includes bars, food stands and Professional masseurs for tired dancers. The hotels taken over by Grounded during the festival offer their guests luxurious rooms, meals, high-end facilities such as the pool, spa, bars and coffee lounges.